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Work with us

Each year the quantity and variety of events run by our local employees, volunteers and followers grow.  A lot of our local staff have earlier military practice, but are also qualified fundraisers and ready to offer help and suggestions to local supporters who feel like fundraising. We are organizing marathons, different kind of events where you will be able to use drones and you will be videotaped while you will be running with our outdoor drones with camera.

Why did we create Shadysoldiers Society?

We offer natural life sustenance to Territorial Army and veterans from the Army, and their direct families, especially when they need it. We create grants to persons through their Companies and Regiments and hold up an extensive range of high-quality charities that carry on the Army ‘group’, both at around the world as well as home.

We are extremely proud of being approachable, building a life support system at a dangerous period in peoples’ lives. We established this charity society since the World War II, dealing with military of every disagreement, and we predict long-lasting system so for the ‘long road’ – helping all potential generations of our armed forces and their families.

Our dream:

“That all territorial army, armed forces and their direct families should have the occasion to keep away from lack of money and enjoy freedom and self-respect.”

Our principles:

  • Honor – The Soldiers’ aid organization is division of the Army’s and the country’s structure; we have to act for that reason.
  • Admiration – we admire every human being and respect their requirements.
  • Faithfulness – we have a common sense of devotion to the Army as an foundation, its nation and those who sustain us.
  • Motivation – we create opportunities and encourage others, with the accent on giving a hand when it is needed.
  • Dedication – we have to be easy to talk to, successful and fast to act in response.
  • Bravery – we take action on behalf of our members without dread or favor, saying it as it is.

Our activities:

Our dream and principles strengthen the method in which the Shadysoldiers works. It is self-evident that the society’s activities must be further than criticism and that all personnel, volunteers vigorously take up the principles of the Society. We are also required to seek to take care of our followers, our soldiers and all persons with whom we labor with the maximum of admiration.

We are particularly conscious of our everyday jobs to both our followers and soldiers. As an example, we do not contribute in ‘over-the-phone process’, street ‘power drinking’, or go by on facts or lists; and we aim to be cautious in thanking our trustworthy group.

In order to effectively follow the Charity’s plans – sustaining veterans, previous militaries and their families, when they need us – it is crucial that the entire help is widely and properly occupied with its followers. These consist of volunteers, followers, ‘presidents’, sponsors, usual people and societies or organizations, both confidential and communal, those in the military and other uniformed navy.

All the way through a pan-donation background of optimistic supporter commitment – with a convincing case for sustaining, personalized infrastructure, a extensive diversity of follower actions, appropriate thank you’s and outstanding authority – our sponsors are more likely to be involved, constant and retained, persistently growing our fundraising capacity to fulfill the wishes of our beneficiaries.

We are uniformly unambiguous on the requirement to assure our capital is efficiently used. So we lend a hand for deliverance charities plan their bids for our Superior Board to think about; we personally supervise how our funds are spent as well as a formal program of Trustworthy visits to the numerous charities that we support, and we use substantial personnel effort on organization and de-confliction with others.

If you have even a small interest in volunteering opportunity or are concerned in actions near you, please contact us.