About us

about-us-headerThe Shady Soldiers Charity is the countrywide Charity of the Army, contributing an existence of maintenance to militaries, veterans and their close ones when they have a difficult period of their lives. Our main goals are to help these individuals by making grants to them through the Regimental and Corps Associations, and to support a wide range of specialist charities that sustain the British Army ‘family’, both at home and around the world.

Our mantra is that we provide “A hand up, not a hand out”. Whilst this term has become somewhat clichéd, none is more apt than President John F Kennedy’s use of the term (in 1961), defining it as “doing something towards becoming self-sustaining” – this is exactly how we see it today.

To read the full impact of where your money goes, read our Annual Review here or read our ‘stories’ section to see some of the people we’ve helped.

Some of the areas in which we help:

The big military family

We are devoted to sustaining military, veterans and their families in hard times. This can consist of disaster flights from corner to corner the globe subsequent the passing away of a immediate family member in difficult conditions, to providing breathing space breaks for a juvenile serving people dealing with the painful changes caused by an wound sustained on surgeries, or helping to purchase highly-specialized apparatus for a disabled teenager coming back home following a stay in rest home.

Training and Education

Leaving the military after damage can be a discouraging incident. Focus on need, our financial have helped to supply tools, courses and travel expenses for those who left the Army on therapeutic grounds and now searching for a new career course. This retraining assures practical lessons like licenses, or occupational teaching like nursing.

Find more information by reading about how we have helped militaries like Bartholomew Ash retrain and earning new education.


Maintaining self-respect and self-rule for our elderly and their close families when they need it is one of the most important areas of our work. Recent financial support has enabled an aged veteran to keep his own house with the help of a stairway lift, and one more was able to preserve their autonomy due to a bathroom adjustment.  Other funds might consist of boiler maintenance or care-home charge. Often rapidity is of the real meaning in providing such aid.


The shelter needs for elderly are extremely wide-ranging. Our funds might help a without a roof over his head veteran who has no hold up system outside to be able to shift into a new home, or make certain that a younger military on being made unnecessary has a residence that is suitable for his relatives to live in by supplying carpets and necessary furniture, or to avoid deportation for a old hand who has fallen into payment debts subsequent a period of being without a job.